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🌟Upwright Youth January Writing Contest📝

Hey Upwright Youth Community!!

Get ready to unleash your writing prowess in the upcoming Upwright Youth January Writing Contest!🎉

Dates:🗓️ From January 22nd to 28th, we're diving into a celebration of creativity, talent, and stories that speak volumes!

Contest Process :📝

  1. Entrance Fee:  Spread the word about Upwright Youth by telling at least two friends. Provide proof via an authentic screenshot or post a story tagging us on social media.

  2. Registration:  Fill out this form to register for the writing contest. Please note that failure to submit the entrance fee will result in non-acceptance.

  3. Submission:  Upload your work via PDF file. Entries can include creative or academic writing (short stories, poems, essays, etc.).

  4. Guidelines: disqualification for AI-generated content, disqualification for plagiarism without proper citation, maximum word count: 2000 words. Exceptions can be discussed with Mica P on Slack or by reaching out to

  5. Voting and Feedback: each participant will vote for their top three pieces (excluding their own), provide constructive critique and feedback to other participants' work, failure to provide feedback may result in disqualification. Exceptions can be discussed with Mica P on Slack or by reaching out to


  1. Personalized Achievement Certificate: Receive a uniquely designed digital certificate recognizing your achievement in the writing contest.

  2. Profile Spotlight: Winners will be featured in a spotlight blog post, detailing their writing journey and achievements, published on our website.

Moderator: 🤔Mica P

See you at the starting line,🚀✍️

Upwright Youth Team

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