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Our Story

Upwright Youth was born out of a shared passion for storytelling and a deep belief in the transformative power of writing. As a group of dedicated individuals, we came together with a vision to create a platform that empowers young writers to explore their creativity, embrace their unique voices, and make a positive impact on the world.

Our story begins with a simple realization: that every young person has a story worth telling. We wanted to provide a space where they could unleash their imagination, express their thoughts, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. And so, Upwright Youth was born.

Through our innovative online platform, we offer a range of programs designed to nurture young writers and help them develop their skills. From creative writing workshops to mentorship programs, we provide personalized guidance and support to each individual, tailoring our approach to their specific needs and aspirations.

But Upwright Youth is more than just a program. It's a vibrant community, a place where young writers can find inspiration, encouragement, and lifelong friendships. Our online forums and virtual meetups create a safe and inclusive space for collaboration and connection. Here, young writers can share their work, receive feedback, and learn from their peers.

What sets Upwright Youth apart is our commitment to real-world impact. We believe that writing has the power to create change, and we encourage our young writers to explore important issues, challenge the status quo, and raise their voices for causes they believe in. Through storytelling, they can inspire others, ignite conversations, and make a difference in their communities.

Our journey so far has been nothing short of extraordinary. We've witnessed young writers blossom into confident storytellers, winning awards, publishing their work, and even speaking at prestigious events. But it's the intangible transformations that truly make our hearts soar: the newfound self-belief, the sharpened critical thinking skills, and the deep sense of purpose that writing has instilled in our participants.

As we look to the future, we're excited to expand our reach, touch more lives, and unlock the potential of even more young writers. We're constantly innovating, introducing new programs, and partnering with organizations that share our vision. Together, we can create a world where writing is celebrated, where diverse voices are heard, and where young writers can confidently step into their own narratives.

So, whether you're a young writer seeking guidance, a passionate mentor eager to make a difference, or a supporter looking to invest in the future of storytelling, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Together, let's unleash the power of words and inspire a generation of Upwright storytellers.

Mission, Vision & Promise Statments

Mission: Our mission is to offer students free, high-quality writing education, mentorship, and assistance.
Vision: We envision a world where Upwright Youth helps every student, regardless of their background, achieve their writing aspirations and unlock their potential.
For donors: We promise your support directly helps students become skilled writers and achieve their goals.
For Tutors: We promise a supportive community where your dedication guides and helps young writers, enabling you to inspire the next generation.
For Students: We promise personalized mentorship, guidance, and assistance providing you with the tools needed to explore your creativity and excel in your writing journey.

Our Values


We truly believe in the power of creativity. We celebrate and nurture the boundless imagination and innovative thinking that resides within every young writer. At Upwright Youth, we encourage our students to explore new ideas, take risks, and push the boundaries of their writing. We provide a safe and supportive environment that inspires young writers to express themselves authentically and to discover their unique creative voice.


We are passionate about empowering young writers to realize their full potential. Through our programs, mentorship, and resources, we provide the tools and guidance necessary for our students to develop their writing skills, build confidence, and cultivate a sense of empowerment. We believe that by empowering young writers, we equip them with the skills and mindset needed to navigate the world with confidence, resilience, and a belief in their own abilities.


At Upwright Youth, we champion writers from diverse backgrounds, fostering an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of their cultural or personal background, is encouraged to express their unique voices through writing. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives enrich the tapestry of literature and education. Our platform supports and empowers all writers, ensuring that their narratives and stories are heard and valued.


At Upwright Youth, we foster a growth mindset that encourages continuous learning, improvement, and resilience. We understand that growth happens through exploration, practice, and embracing challenges. Our dedicated team of experienced tutors provides constructive feedback, supports students in taking risks, and encourages them to embrace opportunities for growth. We celebrate progress and recognize that every step forward is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of our young writers.

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