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Unlock Your Writing Potential

Enhance your writing skills with personalized support, creative workshops, online courses and more – all 100% FREE for young writers.

About Us

About Upwright Youth


At Upwright Youth, we believe in the power of writing to transform lives. Founded by Mica P, a young passionate about education for youth and an avid writer, Upwright Youth is a free online program aimed at helping children and youth enhance their English writing skills. We believe that youth, regardless of background, can express themselves confidently and accurately through creative and academic writing. Our mission is to provide personalized support, one-to-one tutoring, writing resources, and engaging events to unlock their writing potential for a brighter future. Join us as a student, tutor, or donor and become part of an organization transforming the next generation into enthusiastic, capable writers.

Become a Student
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Achieving Writing Perfection

Upwright Youth offers all a student needs to excel in their writing journeys. Our program is made to help every child and teen by giving them personalized support, one-to-one tutoring, writing resources, and engaging events all for free. From crafting a creative writing story, poem, or a college application essay there is an experienced Upwright Youth tutor ready to help you. Upwright Youth creates a supportive community where mentors and students work together and open the door to the limitless possibilities of writing while achieving writing proficiency. 

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Join Our Team

Our dedicated team, composed of skilled writing mentors, educators, and passionate individuals, is united by a common goal: nurturing the next generation of writers and helping them excel in their writing endeavors. With diverse backgrounds yet a shared commitment to fostering creativity, our team is here to inspire and guide young writers on their literary journey.

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Become a Donor
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Our Partners

Becoming a partner with Upwright Youth is more than a contribution; it's an investment in the potential of the next generation. Your support directly fuels our efforts to provide personalized mentorship, dynamic workshops, and free online courses, ensuring that every child has the tools they need to become confident and accomplished writers.
* Due to that, we are not an official non-profit, Upwright Youth does not accept donations. 


In The Spotlight

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Mica P.
Upwright Youth Founder

I founded Upwright Youth because I want and believe in a world where youth can express themselves confidently and accurately in both creative and academic writing. Writing has the power to transform lives, and I want to enable every child and teen to have the possibility to unlock their potential for a brighter future.

Aurel G.
Upwright Youth Tutor

Having been here since the very beginning of Upwright Youth's development, I can see how much passion has been put to this project - everything is done straight from the heart by a passionate team! Literature is very beautiful form of art, able of capturing what other forms usually cannot so it is wonderful to have Upwright Youth to be able to nurture that in the younger generation. Young writers need that support, Upwright Youth provides them with that!

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Amanda E.
Upwright Youth Student

I love Upwright Youth because it has allowed me to better understand writing. The tutors take the time to help me with any writing assignments that I do not understand. With their help, my English grade has improved immensely!


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